Toothpaste GUM PROTECTION with herbal complex

Patented biologically active formula, created for complete prevention and treatment of inflammation processes and illness of the gums. Suitable for daily oral care and prevention of the oral cavity. For prevention in case of: gingival inflammation of various etiologies, bleeding gums, conducting periodontal maintenance therapy. It contains: 7 herbs extract – reduces the inflammation and bleeding of the gums; dry extract of liquorice GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA – cleanses the oral cavity, strengthens the gums and protects the teeth from destruction; tea tree oil – soothes the gums and reduces the pain in sensitive teeth; xylitol – a natural sweetener, prevents from caries formation. Use: Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, at least 2 minutes by moving the toothbrush with circular movements. For maximum result use also the other products from BilkaDent PATENTED FORMULA Gingival Care line.