Body Styling Cream Anti Age COLLAGEN + 180 ml.

Brand: Bilka Upgrape Mavrud Age Expert

A new formulation, enriched with high quality COLLAGEN for silky smooth and young body skin. Shapes the body and gives the skin fresh look and vitality.
Active ingredients:
Collagen (100% fish) – main protein in our skin. Intensively stimulates the collagen synthesis and regenerates the cells, improves the elasticity and density, tightens the skin and corrects the silhouette.
Grape seed oil – with extremely rejuvenating effect. Vitalizes and clears every cell from toxins, powerfully slows the process of aging. Stimulates the entry of oxygen into the cells of the epidermis, speeds up metabolism and has a draining effect.
Use: Apply with massage circular movements on the whole body, in the morning and in the evening (recommended after bath).