Anticellulite gel with caviar

Caviar Therapy – a line of cosmetic products with CAVIAR and a marine cocktail of specialties – superfood for the skin, an abundance of valuable proteins, microelements, essential amino acids and vitamins.

Highly efficient Anti-Cellulite Gel, reducing the cellulite with Siberian Ossetra Caviar Extract, Collagen. With natural active ingredient – BIO-SLIM for local effect on the cellulite, based on Caffeine and Seaweed, which improves microcirculation, tissue oxygenation, with slimming and smoothing effect on the skin.

Active ingredients: Caviar Extract, Collagen, BIO SLIM, Panthenol, Menthol, Glycerin.

Usage: Apply with massage movements over affected areas until fully absorbed. For maximum effect use the Gel in the morning and in the evening, after shower.