Body Cream with slimming effect – 180 ml.

Brand: Bilka Upgrape GRAPE ENERGY

Efficient formulation with caffeine, menthol, natural oils and combined herbal extracts with draining effect, designed especially for stimulating the blood circulation and reducing the subcutaneous fat, aiming to improve the vision of the body! It has tightening and smoothing effect to sagging skin and in the areas with fat concentration (the abdomen, hips and inner arms). If used daily and in combination with the right activities and diet, a visible slimming effect can be noticed!

Active ingredients: Caffeine – a proven stimulant with powerful lypolitic effect. Increases blood circulation, helps for disposal of fat and water from the body, stimulates oxygen penetration in the skin; A combined extract from HORSE CHESTNUT + IVY + GREEN TEA – drains the retained water, tightens and smooths the body skin roughness; ORGANIC grape extract – one of the most powerful antioxidants. Strengthens the collagen and elastin structure of the skin; Macadamia oil – deeply regenerates and hydrates the skin, reduces striae, with hypoallergenic effect; Shea Butter – rich in vitamins А, Е и F, with powerful regenerating, nourishing and hydrating effect. Rich in cinnamic acid, acts as a natural UV filter. D-panthenol – with cells recovery effect, penetrates in depth and helps for increasing skin moisture; Vitamin E – maintains skin elasticity and activates the regenerative processes; Menthol – gives immediate feeling of freshness and a slight cooling effect.

Quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy spots!

Use: Apply in the abdomen area, hands and the problem body areas with massage movements, after bath, twice a day.