Micellar water 3 in 1 ROSE WATER+ 400 ml.

Brand: Bilka Collection ROSA DAMASCENA

  1. Gentle formula for fast, easy and efficient makeup removal and cleansing of face and neck impurities;
  2. Protects skin from drying by simultaneously hydrating in depth;
  3. Refreshes, softens and provides regeneration of cells.

The skin is cleansed in depth, with no clogged pores, thanks to the Intensive Micelles that catch all the dirt. The high-quality Organic Rose Water restores the natural balance, cleanses and hydrates.  D-panthenol stimulates cell regeneration. The result is radiant and smooth, soft and relaxed skin. Does not contain perfume, with a rose aroma. Does not contain alcohol, with excellent skin and eye contour tolerance. Without rinsing!
Use: Use a cotton pad to clean the face and / or remove makeup.