Toothpaste with colloidal and sea salt

Marine Therapy – a line of cosmetic products for oral care with COLLOIDAL SILVER and SEA SALT.

Toothpaste provides exceptional protection and prophylaxis of the oral cavity – efficient for tartar, periodontitis and gingivitis, bad breath. Colloidal silver is a natural and gentle care protecting from harmful microorganisms in the teeth and mucous membranes. Sea salt further helps to break down the plaque, tightens the gums and has a natural whitening effect. Regular use of the toothpaste guarantees healthy teeth and gums, radiant smile and fresh breath.

Active ingredients: Colloidal Silver, sea salt.

Use: Brush your teeth twice a day, for 2 minutes at least. For better effect, use with BioApteka Mouthwash with Colloidal Silver and Sea Salt.