Toothpaste parodont protection & whitening effect – 75 ml.


The innovative formula gently whitens and polishes the tooth enamel, reduces plaque and refreshes. The combination of the active ingredients provides a synergistic effect in the fight against periodontal changes in the oral cavity, significantly tightens and strengthens the gums.
Calcium lactate – strengthens tooth enamel, enriches teeth with calcium; Aluminum lactate – tightens the gums and removes the causes of periodontitis; Zinc lactate – reduces plaque and fights bad breath; Sodium bicarbonate – with a mild cleaning effect on the tooth surface, brightens tooth enamel; Lemon extract – removes stains and whitens teeth. Contains sodium мonofluorophosphate – helps mineralize and strengthen tooth enamel.
Use: Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day for at least 2 minutes.