TONIC AGAINST HAIRLOSS with Vitamin PP – 200 ml.

Brand: Bilka Collection Hair Care

Gives hair strength, shine and natural look. It nourishes the hair in depth and reduces hair loss. Extremely efficient formula, created based on the recipes of traditional medicine. It contains herbs and revitalizing hair vitamins:
Natural extract: nettle – strengthens the hair structure and restores the density of hair, walnut – soothes the scalp, birch – restores hair vitality;
Vitamin PP – improves blood circulation and participates in the formation of pigment in the hair. Stimulates growth and strengthens the hair follicle;
Menthol – energizes, refreshes, relieves itching, retains the power and strength of hair.
Use: Apply the tonic on wet or slightly dried hair after washing and massage the roots for 3-5 minutes with light circular movements. Dry or let hair dry naturally. Suitable for everyday use. It is recommended for tired hair and stimulates growth of new, healthy hair. For maximum results, combine with shampoos of the Bilka collection Hair Care series.