“You are so beautiful!
Great God, you are so beautiful!”

– Hristo Fotev

It is a well known fact that Bulgarian women are amongst the most beautiful creatures in the world. Such beautiful and healthy women are being born now, as children, and grow up in our country. The reason is: our wonderful nature, our favorable climate and our healthful, pure food, which endows their power and harmony to all who are born here. As Dostoevsky said, ‘beauty is harmony, and is intrinsic to the healthy ones’. Our land is rich in herbs as well. Some of them are often found in the world’s treasure-house of herbs, while others can be found on Bulgarian lands only. This is one reason Bulgaria has been the major supplier of valuable raw plant material in the European cosmetics industry for more than 150 years. Today, more than ever, the science of cosmetology has given us the possibility of discovering even more of the favorable effects of medicinal plants on the skin and hair, because Nature has presented us with such an enormous variety of herbs with healthful properties.